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What’s up friendos?! The team here at Exotic MTG would like to welcome you to our one and only official website. What once was just a man, his love for Magic, and a dream has now become the blossoming community you’ve stumbled upon!  We’d like to take a minute to explain the roots of the channel with you. 

Marcus, the owner of the channel, has been playing Magic: The Gathering since he was in Middle School. It became such an important part of his life, so much that he sought out one thing; he wanted to give everyone the ability to play this game if they wanted to. So, he became a content creator, a few years went by and eventually ExoticMTG was born. We now have an Admin team, Twitch mods, and a Patreon page!  

From following us on Twitter to pledging as a Patron, you’ll find tons of ways we here at Exotic MTG share the MTG loot with our community. Giveaways, raffles, and Patreon rewards are only a few things that we here have to offer. We encourage you to join our community and see for yourself. Check out this link here to see how you can help support us with providing you with even better content and rewards than we do now.

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