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Introducing the Exotic MTG Subscription Box!


Congratulations, you have made it to the most exclusive Magic: The Gathering subscription box there is! We spent many months in 2020 coming up with our Sub Boxes, testing products and communicating with professionals in the secondary market. We have focused on the most highly sought-after items, and you will see things like; life counters you have never heard of, hand-made glass tokens that will make your opponents jealous, and even cards that you may have seen opened here at Exotic MTG. We wouldn’t dare ruin the surprise of all of the possibilities that this box will give you every month, this is just a sample of the loot you may receive. One of our goals for 2022 is for you to get different items every month, so there is a large variety of loot you will receive throughout the entire year!


If you are a content creator and wish to open a box on your platform, please contact us for a special offer.

Check out some sneak peeks!

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