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Help Support Iowa Farmers

"Storm-ravaged Iowa requesting federal help after farms destroyed, power lost. Up to 14 million acres of farmland may have been damaged by the storm."


A land hurricane (called a derecho) unleashed its wrath on Iowa earlier this week, devastating millions of acres of farmland and leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without power in communities already struggling from the coronavirus pandemic.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Friday issued a state disaster proclamation that includes funding for 25 counties and said she has received support from President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for a federal disaster declaration during a Friday press briefing.

"Iowans have endured the unimaginable over the last five months: a worldwide pandemic that continues to change almost every aspect of how we live, work and interact with each other," Reynolds said during the briefing. "On Monday, a massive weather event swept across the state like nothing we've ever seen in recent history. Most of us had not even heard of a derecho before then."


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