Each single item purchased on Casualties of War is a pack war against ExoticMTG while he’s live on twitch. By purchasing this item you agree to purchase two booster packs of Modern Horizons 2. One pack will be declared yours and the other will be declared ExoticMTG’s and a pack battle will commence. Whoever’s pack has the most value, keeps both packs. Only cards valued above $1.00 will be counted. Signed art cards are counted as $1.00. All commons and uncommon’s are excluded. Card values are rounded down to the nearest dollar. All cards values are based on current TCG market value. If you lose the pack battle, shipping costs will be refunded to you.If the buyer loses, the commons and uncommons are all still shipped and sent to buyer if they are desired. 22% Discount to battle shipping fees!

Casualties of War (MH2)